Our annual QUEENS summer surf meet is scheduled for next month SEPTEMBER 20/21 in Waikiki. At this event we have the honor of sharing in partnership with Japan’s Chigasaki Surfing Association PLUS a very special award: The Chigasaki Mayor’s Cup goes to the top Menehune division surfer of the contest. The city of Chigasaki, official sister city to Honolulu and the Chigasaki Surfing Association are showing their community and ocean sports support to our HSA with this special trophy to the top Menehune competitor. Get your entry forms in early!

Formed in the early 60's as the "Hawaii Surfing Association" the
original 'grouping' of amateur and professional surfers from
throughout our island state was organized under this HSA banner for
competition and recognition by the other worldwide associations. The
structure of the HSA was to promote the sport and competitions at
different locales. The creation of community and regional surfing
teams in that era helped to elevate the HSA's recognized stature on
an international level that found only Australia as a true rival in
organized surfing. Today surfing as a sport, in the eyes of the HSA,
represents a commitment on the part of its directors and officials to
help members focus on their athletic skills, physical training and
short and long term surfing goals toward a professional career. Of
equal importance is the commitment on behalf of the HSA's leadership
to help its members maintain good guidance, educational direction and
responsibility to their families and others within their community.